Stokke Tripp Trapp Review

The Stokke Tripp Trapp child wooden high chair is a baby born high chair that is one of the most advanced of all of the high chairs out there, which is surprising because it is also one of the oldest. This high chair was designed decades ago, but it still stands up to all of the high chairs out there with modern technology, style, and design.

You have to decide if a high chair is something that you need for your child, and what functionality that high chair needs to have. That is the only way to determine if this is the right choice for your family. In this review, we’ll delve deeper into the specifications of this high chair, look at what customers think of it, and help you decide as to whether or not it will fit your needs. Let’s start with the specifications.

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  • Children’s wooden high chair looks terrific and fits with most décor styles
  • Will fit just about any size child
  • Ergonomic design for maximum comfort
  • Made of durable beechwood
  • Includes five-point harness
  • Maximum weight 300 pounds


This baby born high chair will accommodate any child and just about any weight, from around six months to actual adulthood, also, this high chair will support up to 300 pounds and probably more.

You will also find that this chair is easily adjustable so that your child will be able to fit in the seat in comfort. It is also really durable and made to last, because of the construction materials. Finally, the chair is aesthetically pleasing; it looks great with any décor.


This is not a folding wooden high chair. You have to take it apart in order to collapse it. However, this only works at table height. It will not fit at a breakfast bar or countertop. You also have to buy the tray separately, which is kind of annoying, but not unusual.

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Product Description

Children’s wooden high chairs are not uncommon, but this wooden high chair is one of the most unique out there. The reason that this high chair is so popular has to do with the design as much as the functionality. This chair looks fantastic, no matter what your décor is. It is pretty incredible that this chair was created decades ago, and sales and popularity are still going strong today. A baby born high chair is one of the most useful tools that a parent with small children can have, and this is definitely no exception. But what makes this chair unique is the incredible versatility that it offers.

While most high chairs on the market are intended for a very specific age segment – both to sell more high chairs and because it is impractical to manufacture. High chairs that are that adjustable – this one will fit any child, and will even work for adult children that are still using a high chair, such as handicapped teens and young adults.

This chair will fit any child up to 300 pounds, with easy adjusting of the seat and the footrest. Although it isn’t foldable, it is pretty easy to take apart and store if you need to do so.

What Customers Think

Let’s take a look at what some of the customers that have purchased this product think of it. Most of the reviewers rated this as high as possible, and many people commented on how good the chair looked and how it didn’t seem like a regular high chair, but instead, a beautiful piece of furniture. In addition, people were super impressed as to how fantastic the price is.

The Recommendation

So, after our Stokke Tripp Trapp review here’s our conclusion; There are some definite disadvantages to this chair. It is absolutely beautiful, but the price is about four times what you might be able to pick up a standard one for at Walmart. However, there are also a lot of features that make it worth that price – the main one being that you never have to get a different one because your kid is too big for their high chair. So, if you have the money, it is without a doubt highly recommended.

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