phil & teds high chair reviews

This high chair surprised us on several levels. One of the things that you can count on when it comes to high chairs is that the more aesthetically pleasing they are, the more expensive they are. That is just one of the expectations that were dashed with this baby born high chair from Phil & Ted’s, a brand that isn’t that well known in baby supplies but has proven that they know what they are doing – especially when it comes to high chairs.

We will look at this high chair carefully in this in-depth review so that you can understand all of the features contained within it and decide if it is the perfect one for your children. Let’s get started with the specifications.

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  • Construction materials include foam, aluminum, and plastic
  • Double protection for your child’s safety
  • Includes a large food tray
  • Includes a large seat that is safe, comfortable and hygienic
  • Easy to move around when you need to

Phil and Teds Reviews: Pros & Cons


This really is a fantastic high chair that you will find a lot of use. There are a bunch of advantages to getting this one over the others on our list. While this might not be as sleek or stylish as some of the others that are listed, it is far from bad looking. In fact, it probably compares to the best-looking chairs listed here.

Also, this may be one of the most comfortable high chairs on the list. There are other advantages to this chair. First, it adapts from a regular high chair to a booster seat, and that is an extremely useful feature. Plus, it is lightweight and folds up compactly for easy storage.

Plus, this chair is simply designed for you to get as much use out of it as possible, and keep your child safe and healthy at the same time. That’s why it is waterproof, non-toxic and hypoallergenic. Plus, it is effortless to clean using regular damp wipes.


There are only a couple of problems with this chair. First, while it is easy to clean, you really have to get in there and get all of the cracks and crevices, otherwise, food will begin to rot. Second, food tends to stain the chair material if you don’t clean up right after a meal. However, these are minor problems that you will barely notice because of all of the good things that the chair offers.

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Product Description

This high chair comes in three different colors: cranberry, bubblegum, and lime. All of them are bright colors that your children will love. Plus, there are just so many other things that your kids will like about it. It is super comfortable, for one thing, and the way that the tray fits makes it very easy to feed. Plus, the design of the chair fits perfectly at the kitchen table. You will also love the fact that you don’t have to get rid of it and buy a new one once your baby gets too old for the high chair. Instead, you can just start using it as a booster seat instead, which makes this one of the most useful things that you will ever own.

What Customers Think

Now, let’s take a look at what customers are saying about this product. The only real problem that customers reported was that the legs are extremely wide and they take up a lot of room. Other than that, just about everything that was written about this product was positive. Most people are impressed by this chair, discussing how easy it was to clean, and how quickly it converted into a booster seat. Also, everyone loves the colors that the chair came in because they were so bright and looked great in any room of the house.

The Recommendation

After our Phil and Teds Review do we recommend it? Yes, this chair is definitely worth it. You will enjoy using it, with fast tray release and safety harnesses to keep your baby secure, and the price is incredible for how high quality this chair is. There is no reason not to recommend this chair. The only thing that you’ll want to keep in mind is that if you have a small kitchen, you might not have a lot of room to move around. Other than that, it is perfect.

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