chico high chairs

Another of our picks when it comes to the best high chairs is the Chico high chair, which has some pretty amazing advantages going for it.

There are certain things that you prioritize over others when it comes to buying a high chair for your child; safety is definitely a primary consideration, but so is the comfort, because your child will not sit in their high chair and eat if they are uncomfortable.

In this review, we will be looking at this product closely and going over all of the pros and cons to help you decide whether or not to choose this one for your next high chair. Let’s take a quick look at the specifications.

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  • Three different feeding positions based on what your baby likes best
  • Extremely customization height adjustment
  • Includes tray liner that is easy to clean
  • Height adjustment
  • Tray snaps


Chicco Polly high chair 2-in-1Let’s take a look at some of the advantages offered by this high chair. First of all, this chair is extremely flexible. While it doesn’t convert to a booster seat or a toddler chair, it does have three different feeding positions so that whatever your baby finds most comfortable will be available to you.

Plus, this chair offers a total of 7 different height adjustments, which means that it can be adjusted while your baby is growing, and you’ll be able to use it until your child exceeds the maximum weight load of 40 pounds. It says up to age three, but the weight limit is what you want to be looking at.

Also, this high chair comes with a tray liner that you can easily remove with one hand and clean it, the tray snaps are super easy to disengage, and it looks pretty great as well. Plus, the tray is huge, so your baby will have plenty of room to eat.


Now, let’s check out some of the disadvantages of this product. To be honest, there aren’t many. A few things to be concerned about including the fact that the wheels don’t work very well, so you may have a hard time moving it around on hardwood floors unless you pick it up.

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Product Description

chicco high chair polly reviewThere’s a lot to this product, and for the price that you are getting it at, it is well worth it.

We have already discussed some of the advantages, but things that we didn’t get to in the pros section include the fact that it folds up immediately, without any fuss, and can be stowed in a closet or in any corner, due to the fact that the profile is extremely slim once it is folded.

You should also know that you can adjust the footrest to accommodate any baby, and this has got to be one of the most comfortable high chairs out there, with thick padding and a super cushiony seat.

What Customers Think

Let’s check out what customers are saying about this high chair. Most of them were really impressed with it. A few of them said that their child didn’t fit perfectly, but they were in the minority. Tons of people were really impressed by the reclining feature, which allowed their children to eat comfortably. In fact, quite a few of them attributed feeding problems to not being able to adjust their old high chair and said that this was the solution that they were looking for.

The Recommendation

chicco polly high chairs reviewSo, the bottom line here is that this is a really great chair that you will love. With the reclining feature and three different positions you will have an easy time getting your baby to eat, mainly because it is so comfortable, but what you will like the most is how adjustable the chair is. This high chair is going to last you for a very long time, and it is highly recommended. You may be able to find a better chair on this list for about the same price, but if the reclining feature is important to you, then you want to go with this one.

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