Boon High Chair

This chair is pretty different from many others on the market. In fact, this baby born high chair is one that you would expect to see in a television show like “The Jetsons.”

In this review, we will take a close look at the design and function of this high chair, and help you decide whether it is perfect for your needs. When it comes to high chairs for breakfast bars and tables, this one truly shines, and you will have to take a close look at how it fits to determine whether it will be right for you.

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  • Unique pedestal base
  • Adjustable height
  • Gliding function that works in all directions
  • Comes with tray liner
  • Includes safety post and a five-point harness already included


Bar Height High ChairsThe great thing about this high chair is that it will fit just about any surface that you want to use it at, including breakfast bars and countertops of varying heights, and just about any table out there.

Another significant advantage of this high chair is how aesthetically pleasing it is. Although it isn’t made of wood, like the last high chair on our list, it still looks fantastic, especially with modern or post-modern décor.

This high chair already comes with the tray liner, which is a pretty significant advantage, and you can be sure that your child is going to be secure in the chair because it has a safety post and a five-point harness that keeps them locked in. These are just a few of the advantages that you get when you buy this high chair.


As far as the disadvantages, there are a few to be aware of them. The first one is the price. It is a pretty pricey high chair for being made of standard steel and plastic, and the only steel part is the clasp on the straps. Also, it doesn’t come with any instructions so it can be challenging to put together.

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Product Description

Bar height high chairs are kinda rare across the market as a whole, and even more unusual is a high chair that will quickly switch between bar height and table height. In fact, this high chair may be the only one out there that can go from one to another in just a few seconds.

What’s great about this high chair is how easy it is to use. The tray liner protects the actual tray from food staining, and the seat insert is really comfortable. Plus, there is a button that you operate with your foot to change the height of the high chair to any table or counter height that you need.

Another thing that we love about these high chairs is that they come in nearly a dozen different color combinations to fit your home décor style.

What Customers Think

As for what customers are saying about this high chair, most were extremely impressed, with several calling it the best high chair that they had ever purchased. However, there were some complaints that the instructions didn’t come with it, and the safety rating was comparable with other high chairs like this one – so nothing unusual there. However, all in all, customers were extremely impressed by the look, the functionality and the ease-of-use of this high chair, not to mention how reasonable the price was for something this unique.

The Recommendation

So, the recommendation comes down to whether or not we can recommend this high chair. On the one hand, it is quite pricey compared to an off-the-shelf high chair that you would buy at a department store. But the fact that you can use it at pretty much any height is worth the extra money that you would pay.

Also, this high chair simply looks fantastic in your kitchen. The design is sleek and post-modern, and that is worth paying a few extra dollars for it. So, we recommend that if you value versatility and design, then you should definitely get this high chair because you won’t be disappointed.

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