Babysense video baby monitor reviews

Ever since a baby monitor was first created in 1937, more modern version was made each decade or so, and the trendiest is now available, the Babysense video baby monitor. Thanks to the advancement of technology, baby monitors like this one have video monitors. Yes, you’re able to see your sleeping, not just hear them.

Moms from generation x and baby boomers will be in awe once they see their daughters or granddaughters have Babysense video baby monitor.

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Summary Description of Babysense Video Baby Monitor

Comes With Two Cameras: Babysense extra camera allows careful moms to monitor two rooms. If desired, the two cameras can be set up in one room.

Make sure to click the OK button on the baby monitor’s parent unit, so you can switch or change between the two cameras that were paired.

2.4 Inches of HD Color LCD Display With Improved 2.4GHz FHSS Technology. This LCD display provides the following features:

  • HD display and steady streaming
  • Connection that is interference-free and secured
  • Digital video and audio that is crystal clear

2-way Talk Back Means of Communication: Through the clear audio system of this monitor’s 2-way talkback method, it allows mom to comfort her baby with her soothing voice.

Long Range of up to 900 Feet (in an open space). When mom goes beyond 900 feet, there will get an out-of-range warning.

Other Interesting Features:

  • Night vision that is auto-infrared
  • Room temperature monitor with indicator for either high or low temperature
  • Babysense video monitor eco-mode voice activation
  • LED indicators that are sound activated
  • Alarm or timer settings for diaper changing, feeding, medication, etc.
  • Digital zoom up to 2x with option to pan or tilt by 60 degrees
  • Automatic scan view
  • Options to place either on tabletop or on the wall
  • Choices of lullabies
  • Brightness and volume can be adjusted
  • Indicator for low battery level
  • Smart charging of Li-ion battery
  • Unit for the parent has a built-in stand

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What Comes in the Box of Babysense Video Baby Monitor:

  • One (1) parent unit
  • One (1) baby unit
  • Two (2) power adapter
  • One (1) user manual
  • Unit comes with built-in battery

Technical Details:

  • Net Weight: 8.6 oz
  • Dimensions of the Product: 8.7 x 5.9 x 3 in
  • UPC: 854459007086
  • Model number: V24US_2
  • Battery: One (1) Lithium-ion battery, built-in
  • Power Source: Battery
  • Required Other Batteries: None
  • Screen’s Display Size (standing): 2.4 in

Babysense Video Baby Monitor Reviews

A vlogger of Mommy in Leggings said that Babysense video baby monitor is small and light. She added that she could stick it in the pocket unlike her older version of baby monitors which was heavy to carry around the house. She concluded that the lullabies and room temperature features were her favorite.

The blogger of Wear Love Wanders recently bought the same and wrote a review too. Like the other mom, she also loves how small and compact the Babysense video baby monitor, unlike her previous monitor which was bulky. The two-way talk-back feature is one of her favorites because she can talk to her child while she in another room. Lastly, she is surprised that the night vision of this product is so clear.

Pros and Cons of Babysense Video Baby Monitor


  • Weighs 8.6 ounces only, very light. Mom can carry it in her pocket while running errands in other rooms.
  • There’s a list of lullabies to choose from to play for the baby.
  • Image quality is high definition even when zoomed-in.
  • 900-feet range
  • ECO Sound-activated. Parent unit turns on when the camera is detecting sounds in the baby’s room.


  • Babysense monitor with HD color LCD display is not as big as others, so if a parent has difficulty focusing on small screens, picking up prescription eyewear is a must.
  • There are times that temperature readings are inaccurate.

Are You a Mom Who Is Always On-The-Go?

If you are parents of young children and are always on-the-go, then you should purchase Babysense video baby monitor because it’s light-weight and can fit in the pocket. Isn’t it reassuring that you can see your baby while running errands in the other rooms? One of the best features is the talk-back feature as proven by the mom blogger. You can comfort your baby with your voice even when you’re not in the same room!

When you’ve finally purchased Babysense video baby monitor, be sure to read the Babysense video baby monitor manual before setting up, so you get to know the rest of its amazing features!

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