axvue e612 video baby monitor review

Being a mom in an era where there’s access to the innovative solution to motherhood, like this AXVUE E612 video baby monitor, is a great pleasure. Newborns and toddlers hardly need anything. All they need is love, care, and attention. But parents can’t do that 24/7! Thanks to new age baby monitors, taking care of children and running errands is now possible.

AXVUE E612 video baby monitor flaunts wide LCD screen of 4.3 inches. The LCD screen is integrated with progressive 2.4GHz digital technology, so video performance is of high quality and privacy is secured.

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Important Features:

  • Two cameras have already been pre-paired (With night vision – automated)
  • Range of up to 800 feet
  • Stand-by time is 8 hours
  • 4.3 inches TFT-LCD Monitor (With high-quality video)
  • Two-way communication
  • Power-saving video (With on/off feature)
  • 2x digital zoom
  • Low battery level alert (Sound alert)

The package of AXVUE E612 video baby monitor includes the following:

  • One (1) monitor unit
  • Two (2) camera units
  • One (1) adaptor for the monitor unit
  • Two (2) adaptors for the camera unit
  • One (1) AXVUE E612manual
  • One (1) screw
  • Three (3) wall clips


  • Vusee – the universal baby monitor shelf – offers a bird’s eye view of your child and all blind spots are eliminated. It comes with a universal adapter so you can easily attach it to your AXVUE baby monitor.

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Reviews That Prove AXVUE E612 Video Baby Monitor Is Worth the Penny

Before purchasing this product, a user named CandEOden was hesitant and thought of those branded baby monitors or more commercially known. She’s glad that she didn’t make a mistake in choosing this monitor. For her, this monitor has good quality audio and video, and the 2-way communication system works well and never lost signal in her 2800 square foot house. After a month of purchasing it, she still has no regrets and concluded that it is worth it to buy.

Customers R.Dourte and Anna Levinson both love the quality of this baby monitor. It is easy to install, user-friendly, and top-notch picture.

Another reviewer, April, said that she’s able to keep an eye on her two youngest kids by using two cameras. The video scans back and forth between two cameras every now and then. She added that this is an excellent product at a great value.

AXVUE E612 Review: Advantages and Disadvantages

All products, whether traditional or new innovation, come with advantages and disadvantages. The AXVUE E612 baby monitor is no exception.


  • Setup is easy, just plug and play.
  • Unit has the ability to scan back and forth between two monitors every few seconds
  • Large LCD display


  • Tilting camera has to be done manually
  • Short range, up to 800 feet only
  • Poor night vision

Are You a Busy Mom of Two Young Children?

If your response is yes, then this AXVUE E612 video baby monitor is perfect for you because this baby monitor can scan back and forth between two cameras. Busy moms have no time to dilly-dally, so a plug-and-play product like this is the best, and no time is wasted.

On the contrary, even if you only have one child to watch over, AXVUE E611 extra camera will serve well for you when you place one baby monitor in the kid’s bedroom and the other in the family room. It’s always best that you can keep an eye on your little one wherever he or she is resting or napping.

Should You Take a Leap Of Faith?

It’s up to you to take this AXVUE E612 video baby monitor review into consideration. All kids are fragile, whether they are newborns or toddlers or a little older, they all require 24/7 attention. This baby monitor aims to help you in that department. Knowing that you can keep watch while running errands is a great assistance and offers peace of mind for you, the parents.

If you are expecting your baby to arrive within a few months, then a decision must be made before baby’s arrival. After all, everything needs to be ready in the nursery room, don’t you think so?

When you finally have this AXVUE E612 video baby monitor, you’d probably say that life has indeed become more convenient for mothers, thanks to advanced technology.

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