VTech VM321-2 baby monitor

The advanced technology used in VTech VM321-2 video baby monitor has altered the way parents keep watchful eyes on their babies, no more worrying if the baby is awake in the nursery room when you have this baby monitor.

You will see your baby with VTech VM321 parent unit, and even a tiny cough turns on the sound.

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Complete Features:

  • Range is up to 1,000 feet: Connection can be from another room or outside the house
  • Can view in split-screen
  • 8 Infrared LEDs: Automatically detects dim light, so parent is provided with clear video
  • Can support up to 4 baby units (camera)
  • Camera angle can be adjusted: Parent can choose the viewing angle they want and whoever works for them and the baby
  • Baby can be mounted on the wall Comes with a built-in cord storage
  • Lullabies: 5 lullabies to choose from
  • Sensor for the temperature in baby’s room
  • Battery is rechargeable: Parent unit will sound alert when battery power is low
  • Camera can be zoomed in
  • Vibration alert

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Feedback From Moms Who Love VTech VM321-2 Video Baby Monitor

ASJ, mom owner of VTech VM321-2 video baby monitor, wrote a review and said she has no worries seeing her sleeping child. This baby monitor is in color when the room is in bright light, then changes to black and white when the lights are low or turned off. She added that the baby monitor is quiet unless there’s noise in the nursery room or sound from the baby. She’s had this product for a few months, and no problems were encountered.

Another happy user and reviewer, C. McPherson, have been using VTech VM321-2 video baby monitor for a couple of years and had no regrets about the purchase. It was her choice after making comparisons of prices and product’s key features and cross-referencing to the parent reviews and the buyer’s guide she found online.

She also remarked that this baby monitor has the product features she wants, great reviews, and best of all, is inexpensive. One of the best features that she loves is that it picks up even the slightest sound in the baby’s room. They know when their child starts stirring in the bed before she gets annoyed or bored.

VTech VM321-2 Review: Pros and Cons


  • Less expensive than other baby monitors
  • Can be connected to 4 camera units (additional camera units are sold separately)
  • Baby unit has a cord storage system for the excess power cord.
  • Longer ranges of 1,000 feet which reaches down to basement


  • Audio and video quality is not the best
  • No sound when viewing on split-screen
  • LED light is too bright

Quality Baby Monitor That Is Easy on the Wallet

Do you turn your nose up to those who choose inexpensive products than branded ones? If you don’t, then VTech VM321-2 video baby monitor is the baby monitor for you. It’s a quality product that parents can trust, yet it will not empty their wallets!

Moreover, one of its best features is that it has more extended range than most baby monitors. AwkwardHamster, a vlogger, attested that even when he goes all the way down to the basement or outside the house, both two floors down, he can still monitor his child.

Choosing Wisely For the Family

This VTech VM321-2 safe and sound video baby monitor comes in 2.8 inches LCD screen and features split-screen capability with night light and vibration alert. DECT 6.0 digital technology is used in this monitor which reduces background noise to ensure a clear transmission. Furthermore, DECT transmits secure and encrypted signal, so only the parent can hear the baby.

Having the option to connect four cameras is excellent if you have more than two children. So if the price isn’t steep, then purchase the additional camera, VTech safe, and sound VM301. It is also recommended to get the replacement battery for VTech VM321 parent unit, so no worrying about watching the kids, especially on busy days.

Make sure to go through the VTech VM321-2 video baby monitor manual before setting up. Test the units, then if parent unit is defective, call the supplier and ask for VTech baby monitor parent unit replacement.

Parents wisely choose VTech VM321-2 video baby monitor, after all, it is considered as one of the best baby monitors in 2017.

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