The Perfect Baby Monitor With 2 Cameras

Products like a baby monitor with 2 cameras can be very helpful to busy parents, especially those who don’t have a babysitter at home. If you are a parent, all you want to do is to make your baby comfortable and safe. You want to make sure that you can provide them with everything that they need. You also want to shower them with love and affection that will help them grow into loving children.

Fortunately, there are different products available in the market that can help you in taking care of your children. There are also products that can help you in keeping an eye on your children while you are doing household chores.

Babysense Video Baby Monitor

babysense monitor

  • This baby monitor is equipped with a high-quality baby monitoring technology. Aside from giving parents an added peace of mind, it also offers them excellent user experience.

  • It can help you hear your baby in a crystal clear audio quality.

  • It also has a high-quality LCD screen that can allow parents to observe their children throughout the day while they are playing or sleeping.

  • It’s also equipped with an alarm or timer setting, an ECO mode, and auto-infrared night vision. The night vision will allow you to see your child clearly during nighttime.

  • Has lullabies that will sing for your child until they fall asleep.

  • Two-way talk-back type of monitor, and you can zoom in the video up to 2 times.

  • It can also monitor the temperature of your child’s room.
    Multi-camera expandability and up to the 900-ft range.

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VTech Safe and Sound VM321-2 Expandable Digital Video Baby Monitor

VM321-2 Safe Sound Video Baby Monitor

  • It is a two-camera baby monitor with the split-screen ability and has a full-color video monitoring.

  • The transmitter unit can be put on the wall or a table facing your baby’s crib.

  • It also comes with a belt that can help parents have hands-free usage throughout the day while doing household chores.

  • Since this is a baby monitor two cameras, it will be possible for parents to monitor two rooms both at the same time. It will be shown on a split-screen and can stay connected at up to 1,000 ft.

  • It has a vibration alert and a nightlight feature. These features can allow you to watch over your baby at night while they are sleeping.

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AXVUE E612 Video Baby Monitor

Axvue E612 Two Cameras baby monitor

  • Equipped with two cameras and a portable 4.3” TFT LCD screen.

  • It has an excellent 2.4-GHz digital wireless system that offers premium-quality video efficiency and a more secured privacy.

  • It has an 800-ft range and 8-hr standby time.

  • Equipped with colored sound activated lights; this means that even if the sound is muted, the parents will still notice if the baby is making noises because the lights on the monitor will turn on.

  • It offers a clear, automated infrared night vision.

  • It also has a two-way communication, so the parents can talk from the monitor to the camera.

  • The parents will be alerted if the baby monitor is low on power. Aside from the low power sound alert, the baby monitor can also alert the parents if the monitor is already out of coverage.

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In this article, you will be able to know everything about baby monitors, from why you need a baby monitor to different features that you’d want for your baby monitor. All those information will be discussed comprehensively to help you choose the perfect baby monitor for you.

This article also includes answers to common questions of customers. The different types of a baby monitors will also be discussed to help you understand the importance and function of each.

What Is a Baby Monitor?

A baby monitor is a technology that can be used by parents to keep an eye on their children and monitor the movements and sounds they make. Before, baby monitors can only allow parents to record audio but do not allow recording video footages. But now, baby monitors have been upgraded and can provide you with a live feed.

There is even a baby monitor with two cameras. A video baby monitor 2 cameras can allow you to set up a baby monitor with two cameras in 2 different locations so that you can watch over 2 babies or 2 rooms. Aside from providing you a live video, it can also give you information about the temperature of your child’s room.

People were used to baby monitors that have the functions of a walkie-talkie, but with our modern technology, it is now a lot different. Modern baby monitors with 2 cameras can be left in a child’s room, and the parents can keep an eye on their child using their mobile phones or receiver monitor.

Two camera baby monitors can be very effective in keeping an eye on your children since it can offer you more visibility in your baby’s room.

Should I Buy a Baby Monitor?

The answer to this question depends on your purpose in buying a two camera baby monitor. Some parents have unrealistic expectations of baby monitors, especially with its enormous capabilities in today’s modern technology. But if you’re a parent who wants to purchase a baby monitor to use it as an extra set of eyes and ears on taking care of the baby, then it is an ideal purchase.

Remember that a baby monitor is not a baby nurse, you still have to check on your children every once in a while.

Baby products were only made to help you in taking care of your baby, depending on your needs. It doesn’t mean that you have to purchase them all for you to be the best parent in the world.

You need to make sure that it is essential in your home before purchasing one. Do not buy if there is only a little use for the product or if you don’t have any use for it at all.

The need of purchasing a baby monitor with 2 cameras also depends on how big your home is. If you only live in a small house where you can easily hear your baby moving or crying at night, then it won’t be a big problem if you don’t have a baby monitor.

However, if you are living in a huge house where there is a fair distance between your room and your baby’s room, then you obviously need one. It can help you in hearing any noise made by your baby without going to their room to check on them. It is also better to use a baby monitor with 2 cameras for you to be able to see more space in your home.

A monitor can also help you in distinguishing what kind of cry your baby is making. You won’t need to go inside their rooms and disturb their sleep because you can hear their cry through the monitor.

You can determine if it is a hungry cry and you need to go in or if your baby is only upset or merely groaning in their sleep. Going inside when your baby doesn’t require your attention and can wake them up or disturb their sleep.

What Makes a Good Baby Monitor?

A baby monitor with two cameras may be right for others but may not be good enough for you, this means that a good monitor depends on what you want. A video monitor is usually the better choice than an audio monitor, but it is also more expensive.

If you are living in a huge house or you’re the kind of parent who loves to stay outside with other older children, then you must choose a long-range monitor. If you are a person who likes to travel, then maybe you’d pick a portable monitor over those heavier ones. While if you want to cover different rooms or many spaces in your house, then you must choose a baby monitor with multiple cameras.

If your child often makes loud noises when they’re asleep, then you should have a baby monitor to help you see if the noise they’re making requires you to go inside. If your baby is usually quiet and only makes noises when they’re uncomfortable or need something, then an audio monitor is perfect for you and can even save you a lot of money.

Aside from those things mentioned, you should also consider these following factors in choosing a good baby monitor:

  • Price
  • Functionality
  • Security
  • Battery Life
  • Range
  • Add-on Cameras (You can choose a baby monitor with two cameras to help you monitor more than one infant or space.)

What Should I Look for in a Baby Monitor?

Baby monitors have different unique qualities. However, in this article, we’ll narrow it down to a few useful attributes. Here are the things that you should look for in buying a baby monitor:

  • Microphone Sensitivity
    There is a big difference between hearing your baby’s loud cries and hearing every little noise in your baby’s room. There is an option in every baby monitor where you can turn down its volume, but some parents prefer only to hear the biggest distress. They do not want to be alerted when their baby’s make comforting noises while they’re sleeping.
  • Audio Display
    This can help you monitor how loud your baby’s noises are, even if the sound is muted. The loudness of your baby’s noise will be shown in a little chart on your monitor’s screen, this can be very convenient when you want to listen to some music without getting disturbed by any background noise.The display will let you know if your baby is only making little noises in their sleep or if they are fully awake and need your attention.
  • Two-way Talk
    You can use this feature to talk to your baby or soothe them or give reassurance for them to fall asleep. When your baby gets older, this can be used to gently remind your child to quit playing and go to bed.
  • Temperature Sensor
    Babies are vulnerable to hypothermia and overheating because unlike adults, they cannot regulate their body temperature well. Baby monitors with this feature will show you the room temperature without checking your home system. Some monitors will even alert you if the room gets too cold or too hot.
  • High Frequency
    Baby monitors have varying levels of frequency. Choose a baby monitor that has a frequency of 900 MHz or even higher, this can reduce potential interference and improve clarity.
  • Low-battery Light
    This feature can alert you if the baby monitor has already a low battery and needs recharging or battery replacement.
  • Wireless
    A wireless baby monitor receiver can be very helpful when you are doing chores outside or inside the house. It is better to choose a monitor that has a built-in belt clip for a hands-free option.
  • Video Monitor
    One glance at the monitor and you’ll instantly know if your baby is sleeping soundly or not. Choose a monitor that has sufficient low-light quality, if you want to be able to see your child clearly even at nighttime. You can also choose a video baby monitor with 2 cameras for you to see more space in your home.
  • Movement Alerts
    If you have a prematurely born baby or if your baby has medical conditions, then you would want to purchase a monitor that is equipped with motion sensors, this will allow you to monitor their activities and can give you peace of mind while your baby is sleeping.
  • Lullaby Option
    Some monitors have a lullaby feature. It will help your child fall asleep by playing a song, this can be used to soothe your baby’s cry during the night, but it still depends on your baby’s temperament.
  • Range
    Before you choose a baby monitor, you have to consider the size of your home first. You would want to have a receiver monitor that can keep in contact with the transmitter monitor even if you are in the farthest corner of your home.
  • Multiple Receivers
    If you are not comfortable about having a single monitor, because you think that it cannot stay in range all the time, then you should have multiple receivers. The receivers will be put in different locations at your home to keep you updated wherever you go.

Types of Monitors

There are different types of monitors available in the market, and deciding which one suits your needs is a decision that needs a lot of analyzing. Here are the different types of baby monitor and their functions:

Audio Monitor

This is the most common type of monitor that is used by parents; it can pick up any sounds from the baby’s room and transmits the sounds to the receiver in the other room. The parents will be immediately alerted if the baby wakes up and cries or if someone went in the baby’s room.

It is also the oldest type of the monitor which comes with the fewest number of features and the cheapest as well. However, it is also safe and practical.

There is also a prenatal baby sound monitor that is usually associated with the audio monitor. However, these two devices are a lot different from each other. The fetal baby monitor isn’t designed for keeping the safety of your baby. It is used by parents who want to hear their unborn baby’s heartbeat.

Take note that this is its primary function, so it cannot be used like other ordinary baby audio monitors. On the other hand, they are the best tool that can help you hear your baby’s heartbeat.

Visual Monitor

Some parents are not comfortable just hearing what their child is doing because they want to hear and see them both at the same time. This type of monitor can offer you both audio and visual features because it is equipped with a microphone and a camera. It can transmit the sounds and live video to the receiver monitor.

There are two-camera baby monitors that will allow parents to see more space in their home or their baby’s room. A visual monitor can either have a colored screen or a black-and-white screen that is equipped with night vision.

Another good thing about this type of monitor is that it can be connected to the Internet, this means that parents can monitor their babies using their computer while they are at work. However, the computer needs to have a stable Internet connection for this to be possible.

Motion Monitor

This type of monitor is entirely different from the two monitors mentioned above. Instead of sending audio and visuals to the receiver monitor, it will be doing something different.
It will use a sensor that is put under the baby’s mattress, and it will detect your baby’s movement throughout the night.

If your baby does not move for over 20 seconds, the monitor will alert you to the unusual behavior. This monitor is handy for babies who were prematurely born or are suffering from different medical conditions.

Baby Monitors’ Range, Interference, and Clarity

You would want a baby monitor with good range and little interference. In fact, range, interference, and clarity are associated with each other.

However, a good monitor with a good range may be interrupted by awful interference. The interference may come from another monitor or other electronic device in your house with the same frequency. Aside from those, the interference may also come from your neighbor’s home.

Let’s discuss those three factors for you to make a better choice when buying a baby monitor.

Range: Manufacturers usually state the range of their baby monitor on the packaging or marketing literature. However, they would not give you all the essential information. They will only provide you with descriptions similar to “open field range.”

This range or number is based on having no barriers between the receiver and the transmitter unit. Barriers are present in all homes or apartment, like furniture, walls, and floors.

That means that 800 ft or 100 ft are basically not valid because the manufacturer is only referring to a straight line with no obstructions.

You have to look for a monitor that does not, only state the “open field” number but also states the more realistic range when the floors and walls are taken into consideration. However, you should not ultimately believe in what is reported since every house has different range obstruction objects. Just make sure to test the baby monitor right after you bring it home.

Clarity means the clearness of the sounds that come from the transmitter unit in your baby’s room. If it is an audiovisual monitor, like a baby monitor, then clarity can also mean the clearness or quality of the video transmitted by the monitor. In fact, it isn’t that necessary to hear every little sound from your baby’s room in a high level of clarity.

What you would want is to have clarity with no hiss or static or at least only a few of it, this is because an excessive amount of background static and other noise can make you paranoid and make you stay up all night listening to it.

Like the range issue, you should also make sure to test the baby monitor as soon as you get home to test its clarity. Do the testing both in the daytime and nighttime.

If you choose a video monitor, make sure that the transmitter monitor is placed in a location you can see your baby clearly. It should be clear enough for you to see if your baby’s eyes are closed or opened. You should be able to see your baby’s eyes and face clearly even at night.

If you cannot see your baby’s eyes and face clearly, then definitely the baby monitor is not a good choice. Since a baby monitor with 2 cameras is available on the market, you can put those in two different locations in your baby’s room.

Interference: Even though baby monitors usually pick up interferences, it is still an issue that you need to take seriously. In fact, there are two types of interferences that you need to be aware of; the first is the interference caused by distance and the several walls that separate the transmitter and receiver.

That distance will decrease the device’s signal. When this happens, the background noise will be more apparent.

Cheaper baby monitors usually encounter this kind of problem. There are even cases that the interference is so strong that it makes the baby monitor quite useless.

The second type of interference is caused by other devices with the same radio frequency. The most common radio frequency is the 2.4-GHz channel. The cause of interference may be a cordless phone or any device in your home or even at your neighbor’s home.

This is not a common issue with the high-end baby monitors because the manufacturers choose the least common frequencies like the 1.9-GHz channel. In fact, other baby monitors can even allow you to switch to different channels until you find a clear one.

How to Make Sure That the Baby Monitor Works in Your Home?

Since many factors affect whether or not the baby monitor will work smoothly like the manufacturer stated, then you should do some things to avoid wasting your money on something that doesn’t work. Here are some tips for you on purchasing a baby monitor:

  • Choose a store that has a substantial return policy.
  • Make sure to keep the receipt of your purchase.
  • Unpack the packaging carefully so you won’t have a problem if you need to repackage and return it to the store.
  • Test the baby monitor right after you bring it home. Do the testing both at daytime and nighttime.
  • Test the receiver monitor in every room in your house where you think you will often use it.
  • When you are testing the monitor, make sure to turn on every device in your home first, like Wi-Fi networks and cordless phones.
  • If your neighbors also have babies and are also using baby monitors, make sure to test if their monitors are interfering yours. It is best to do this test at night while they are also using their monitors.
  • If you find problems after the tests, then return the unit as soon as possible. The problem won’t be fixed, so you’ll need to purchase a different monitor.

Do Baby Monitors Have Issues With Privacy and Security?

Audio monitors that are operating at a standard transmission frequency can allow others to listen to your conversation; this is very much possible if someone is using a walkie-talkie or another baby monitor with the same frequency as yours.

If you are using a baby monitor with Wi-Fi-enabled features, then you should set up a login password that is different from your local Wi-Fi password. If you are not able to change your default login password, which is usually blank, then your connection will be very vulnerable to hackers.

What Are Some Baby Monitor Safety Tips?

Put baby monitor and electrical cords at least 3 ft away from your baby’s location to avoid strangulation. Do not put baby monitors near the crib or in the crib as your baby’s exploring hands may pull on the cords or get a hold of your baby monitor.

Make sure also to cover your cords. Avoid using smaller cord clips as it can cause choking if the baby accidentally swallows it.

What Are the Advantages of Baby Monitors?

  • Portability
    Wireless baby monitors are very portable and convenient. You can carry it or hung it around your neck while you are doing household chores. Just make sure that you won’t go far enough because you might lose connection from the transmitter.
  • Easy Setup
    If you have a wireless baby monitor, then you would have no problem setting up the monitor since there would be no problem with the wires.
  • Travel Convenience
    You can bring the baby monitor wherever you go. Whether you want to visit your family or go on a vacation, you can still set up the baby monitor wherever you are; this can be very helpful because you can always watch over your baby while you’re on vacation and your baby rests. Since there are baby monitors with multiple cameras, you will be able to watch over your baby more effectively.

What Are the Disadvantages of Baby Monitors?

Monitors are prone to signal interference and disturbances that can give you more problems than ease. However, this can be avoided if you purchase a baby monitor that transmits signal using a not-so-crowded radio frequency.

Take note that the interference comes from different devices in your home like mobile and wireless phones and Internet routers.

Another disadvantage of a baby monitor is the range. Although this does not usually happen on wired monitors, you still have to be very careful. The baby monitor may go out of range without you noticing and risk your child’s safety.

Lastly, baby monitors can be hacked if you are not very careful. There are cases that other people were able to listen to conversations or see your live feed. There are even situations where babies were snatched from their crib; this is because the hacker can see or hear if you are in the room or not, giving them the opportunity to sneak into your house.

You need to choose baby monitors carefully to ensure that your family and especially your baby will be safe. Do not rush into purchasing a monitor because it might cause problems or inconvenience. You can read reviews on the Internet or ask for recommendations from other parents. Make sure also to purchase a monitor that can help you with your needs.

If you have two babies to keep an eye on, then you should choose baby monitors with multiple cameras to help you in taking care of your babies. However, make sure that you follow all precautionary measures first to avoid accidents and keep hackers at bay.